Large scale planning application ? There is a good chance you will need to provide an energy statement.


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Planning policies across the UK will often include sustainability targets for larger scale developments over and above that required by the building regulations. Developers or designers must demonstrate how they will meet these targets in the form of an energy statement.

Introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has had wide ranging effects, local authorities are now obligated to encourage development, if it's sustainable. They are also however free to set their own measures. Generally local sustainability targets will set an extra CO2 reduction anywhere between 10-40%, and possibly require other standards to be met, like BREEAM.

Applicants must show consideration of fabric performance, renewable technologies and environmentally conscious building practices. The sustainability targets usually consists of an extra CO2 reduction target between 10-40% which is demonstrated via a SAP or SBEM calculation. 

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Energy Statements

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Energy Statement requirements vary greatly however we aim to offer a competitive price inclusive of SAP calculations with no hidden fees. 

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Get advice from your local authority early in the design stage – most planning officers will happily sit down at a pre-app meeting and produce a letter detailing their requirements, outlining what you should be delivering with your planning application.

Even if you do not have pre application advice, BREW will be able to explore your local planning requirements and decipher exactly what you need. 

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