Industrial Noise Surveys

We deliver fully certified, industrial noise surveys for pre and post planning application conditions, carried out in accordance with BS4142:2014+A1:2019

If you’re planning a project near existing B2 uses such as industrial manufacturing processes or looking to install a new air-conditioning unit or restaurant extractor fan for example you’ll require an industrial noise survey to help ensure that you won’t be adversely impacting on the local environment (whether it’s residents, community spaces or other businesses).

Your local environmental officer will usually provide the assessment requirements and standards.

Continuous noise:

  • Industrial noises and processes from B2 building uses.

  • Air Conditioning Units

  • Commercial Extraction Fans

Tonal noise:

  • Machinery

  • Wind turbines


Compliance can usually always be achieved with the correct noise mitigation solutions. BREW Compliance can advise and direct you straight to the best and most cost effective solution. We are here to help and work with you, we strive to help you achieve granting of permissions and final conditions.  

BREW Compliance Industrial Noise Survey


BS4142 Surveys are unique to each individual project. Please provide your project details or call us to discuss to receive a no obligation quote. 

What if my installation is likely to have an adverse impact?

After conducting the industrial noise survey, we’ll be able to tell you how likely your proposed installation will be to cause adverse impact. Each case is unique, but factors that are going to play a significant role of determining the outcome of an industrial noise assessment may include: intended hours of operation, acoustic specifications of the unit being installed and proximity to the nearest neighbouring property (either residential or commercial). If the proposed installation does seem likely to cause adverse impact, we will provide you with tailored advice regarding cost-effective and realistic solutions to resolve the issue.


These solutions can also depend on the requirements and guidelines laid out by your local authority, however, we have a proven track-record of helping our clients find appropriate solutions to their requirements. Some examples of previous changes that have helped our clients meet the required industrial noise survey BS 4142:2014 standards include: changing or modifying the proposed fabric, re-orientation or alignment, designing acoustic barriers and enclosures. 

To find out what would work best for you and your proposed installation, contact us or call us to discuss your project with our friendly, expert team.