Ventilation Testing
Part F - Compliance
  • On site diagnostics
  • Free ventilation system advice 
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed if bundled with air tightness testing

We can offer BPEC accredited certification for your domestic property. This includes consultation along the entire development of your build.


Ventilation and the correct extraction in your home is important. The correct flow rates are controlled and measured for residential and commercial properties. Calibrated equipment is used to measure and show compliance with Part F Regulations. These regulations state the required minimum flow rates that are deemed mandatory and sufficient for the room and system type used. The importance of good ventilation for you home or company building is up most. Having correct and sufficient extraction rates ensures healthy and good quality air in all new build or refurbished properties. The Part F Building Regulations state that all properties either new build or recently converted need to under go a ventilation test. Correct ventilation for specific rooms is becoming vital as our new build homes are cranking down on air tightness to achieve more energy efficient homes. 

Ventilation Testing, Extract Flow Test,

Single Plot

We want to offer a competitive price for our ventilation testing which includes diagnostics measures on site if necessary, implementing a same day retest if faults can be resolved. Terms Apply.

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Multi Plot

Convenience the cost and book multiple plots in and achieve compliance on the same day. We also offer pre test visits to give advice and help on installation before its too late! Please contact us for more details.

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Air Duct


Commercial ventilation testing and system commissioning is available with BREW Compliance. Are skilled experts will be sure to assist you with all of your needs.


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